Our roll cages can be tailored for NHRA, NASA, SCCA, SCTA rules, Street, and Off-road vehicles. We build cages that follow body lines, fit well, and hold up to the challenge of keeping you safe when things go wrong.

We built the cage above for Muzzy Racing for their competition viper back n 2001.  The cage tie ins help stiffen the shock mounts at all four corners, the door bars allow easy entry and exit and maximum space in cage of an accident. Removable engine brace stiffens the chassis and also fits under the snug fitting hood. 

Tom's pro street C1500 came in for a roll bar, and rear sub frame welding. We tied in the S & W race cars back half, and designed the roll bar for easy entry and exit to the cab, ability to remove the bed for paint and service, and allow the utilization of the factory interior panels.  We added some brake lines and a shifter mount while we had it at the shop too. 

Some cage work we did for Mike Fischer's land speed record Carmen Ghia in our first shop, below are a few pictures of the cage, transaxle mount, and oil tank details.

Wes H. had us build a cage for his SVRA 66 Mustang GT. Note how the tubing follows the A pillars, tucks up tight to the dash, and flows through the rear package tray.  We also fabricated and installed sub frame connectors and Cobra Automotive override spring rods. 

We can update older cages to meet new rule specs, below are some modifications to CE's altered roadster.

And another example of our cage work this cage was built for a road racing Honda S2000.   We gusseted the front and rear strut towers into the cage. The drivers side door bars enter into the door, the passenger side bracing is X'ed.  

Below is a Jeep Wrangler cage we did a few years back. We tied urethane bushing mounts back into the frame using some heavy box tube and built rear bushing mounts out of plate. A rear seat and seat mount was added for the owners kids, and  the cage was kicked rearward to protect the passengers.

Some other cage projects. Fitting a driver in a SCCA Porsche, development of a "hay guard" for protecting a John Deere cab at the dairy, and a 4 seat Manx cage.