Carbon Nose mag body dragster.jpg

A Different Time and Space


Art and Architecture

bottom view.JPG


Custom public entry gate and fence.jpg

Custom Gates and Railings

One bitchin street car.jpg

Customer Cars

Collector turn out detail.jpg

Exhaust and Turbo


Fergie Senior's Sandrail

It was a cute little car when it came to us..JPG


Whittling clearance into a billet trans mount.JPG

Machine Shop Services

Sound check ready Megadeth Drum Kit.jpg

Megadeth Drum Riser

J15 chassis back on wheels.JPG

Mid-engine Subaru Powerd Elva J15 Kit Car

Death Row details.jpg


Track pit cart.jpg

Pit Equipment

Buggy wing trunk.jpg

Tanks, Containers, and Vessels

Custom boat trailer.jpg

Trailers and Hauling Creations

V8 Trike with set up fixtures.jpg

V8 Trike

Production tube bending.jpg

Work Details


Hot Rod Coffin