"If man made it, man can fix it"-AJ WATSON

Our shop has over 50 years of combined experience repairing and creating vintage sheet metal and new parts.  The projects on this page include simple rust repair, to saving sheet metal most would throw away.  If you like what you see and have a project you would like help with give us a call.

Frenchies Lincoln V12 powered 32 ford flathead. The engine needed a little clearance between the water neck and firewall, the transmission decided it belonged where the tunnel sat. We formed a clearance blister to the firewall and added a shaped flange for the new trans cover.  The new trans cover is removable, and the shifter hole is frenched into the new sheetmetal.

The pictures below detail how we widened the wheel tubs for Tom's pro street c1500 chevy.  Gary moved the inner mounting flange for the tubs and modified the Chevrolet bed lines to make the wider tubs appear factory. The new tub sheet metal is 16ga steel and fully welded to the factory metal and finished. 

Above is a bit of fabrication work fitting a pill shaped oil tank, and fabricating a tire hugging fender on a rigid harley.  The fender mounts to a engine mount hole and is scalloped for chain clearance, and the edge is reinforced with 1/4"wire.

The gallery below shows some of the sheet metal work on my fathers buggy. Swiss Cheese dimple die floors, dzus button attached removable engine covers, buggy side panels, and wing trunk. The last photo in the group is a new dash we built to replace the old KC light after an engine swap. 

Below are a few sheet metal details on a customer's S297 Saleen Mustang- After consulting with a few racers, we designed the length of the belly pan portion of the splitter to compliment the rear wing at speed.  The Aero mods helped keep the mustang stable at speed over 170mph at the Silver State Classic. We also made water fill tanks for the engine and water/air intercooler system.  

A quick and easy shortening and metal finishing of a speedway t bucket grill for Roy's VW powered T bucket

Doug brought his 64 Ranchero in to see if we could build an air dam and help the stability of the truck at highway speeds.  Previous experience with a 510 Datsun had shown him the advantages of blocking some of the air flowing under the car.  We started with the middle section as a test and found it worked well,  The end caps and remaining sheet metal are designed to compliment the front fender and bumper lines.

Motorcycle neck gusset for a Flat Track Yamaha, and a Motor Cycle Battery box for a Harley.

The gallery below shows what can hide under a small rust hole.  This 51 ford fender needed a bit of surgery to clean out the infected metal. We were able to purchase the some of the repair panels, the outer skin Gary formed in house. 

Below are a few picture of a frame and bumper mount hole repair for a 67 Fairlane convertable.

Don brought us two very rough 51 dodge grilles and wanted to make one.  we snapped a few photos along the way to show what is involved repairing small and large rust holes.

A few photos of sheet metal repairs to a Nash Metropolitan apron, a 38 Studebaker floor pan, and a 65 Mustang Dash.

A few other sheet metal and metal forming projects.