Chassis and Suspension

Over the years we have built vehicles with many different purposes, motorcycles for street and track, dragsters, sprint cars, Indy Cars, land speed record holders,  Jeeps, Sandbuggies, Rock crawlers, and 100 mph Golf Carts.  This page is a sampling of the many chassis and suspension jobs we have handled.  Give me a call if you need help with your project.

Cobra kit Chassis and Suspension mods

A friend of mine purchased this cobra thinking it was better constructed than it actually turned out to be.  I redesigned the rear suspension geometry after a long conversation with the builder of the worlds fastest e type jag, mounted the motor and trans,  moved the front clip, and eliminated some of the original frame challenges.  

The car is designed to allow the body to be easily removed for servicing the drive train. The front bumper mounts are sleeved for strength and removable to allow clearance for the body. 

100 MPH Golf Cart

Jim P's "Cartzilla" was powered by a 36 Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine when we began working on it.  The engine mounting, craftsmanship and design were questionable for a 30 mph golf cart. The owner wanted more speed, safety and grunt to haul six people up and down the mountains of Big Bear, CA. After some initial brainstorming,  I sourced a RX1000 engine from a donor snowmobile in California and transformed the drivetrain and suspension in two weeks.   With 2 talented friends help we completed the transformation in time for a holiday deadline.  The front suspension uses TAZ car mini buggy spindles, Scirocco brakes, and coil overs.  The rear suspension mounted the engine, drive axle, and radiator on a swing arm with a panhard rod. The new suspension allows for 6" of travel at both ends,  with packaging limitations  and keeping the narrow track width.  

We pulled quite a few late nights to meet our deadlines. We set up the gearing to run just over 100 mph before hitting the rev limiter. There is a large aluminum ice chest built under the middle seat for storing groceries from the store in town, a 130 amp alternator mounted off of the clutch to keep up with the lights and stereo equipment, and a large gravity mounted fuel tank supplying go go juice. 

Nash Metropolitan Custom Suspension

We reworked this Nash Metropolitan after it came from another shop another shop.  The previous shop had mounted the engine below the frame, welded questionable suspension and steering to rusty frame rails.  

We replaced rusty frame rails up front, we made a custom mustang II front clip that allowed full steering lock to lock, squared up the front and rear axles, and moved the engine and trans up 5".  We also built a custom header for the Chevy Ecotec, and mounted a custom aluminum fuel cell.  

Land speed record Ghia

In addition to building a SCTA legal cage for Mike's Ghia that allowed for body removal, we also handled the Porsche transaxle mounts, removable pan supports that tied into the cage, and built braces that tied the front beam to the cage. 

Shop Truck

We are building a light weight mid engine roadster for a shop car. I am recycling a hilborn injected 2275 VW for the powerplant, our first thoughts were to recycle a VW swingaxle and use sprint car front axle parts.  We have since decided to use a Porsche transaxle mated to C4 Vette rear suspension.  We will be building our own double a arm front suspension using a corvette spindle for the front.

56 Chevy Truck

We installed a Camaro front clip and rear axle in Mike's 56 Chevy pickup.  The gallery below shows some of the fixturing, and process in putting the truck together. 

We fabricated a new front axle for a monster GEM cart below to fix caster and steering issues

Repairs to Reynard uprights, and Riley and Scott WSC bellhousing.