Its a sign...

Over the Summer our shop had the opportunity to design and build a unique shop sign for our friends at 3A automotive.  Our original design inspiration came from our clients desire to contrast rusting metal with a stainless or aluminum contrasting background/foreground. Our objectives were to draw traffic to 3A's repair shop and clearly communicate the intent of the business at a glance.

We sketched a couple of graphic variations, and design ideas for the sign.   In addition I thought It might be fun to design the panels with a series of stand offs to create drop shadows and depth. We also decide to incorporate multi color led lights between the panels for night time traffic and customers dropping cars off during early winter hours. During the third phase of the project we fabricated and polished some 13.5" wrenches for the sides of the sign to help indentify what the shop was all about.

If you need some custom fabrication or sign work and you like what we do give us a call to see if we can help with your project.