Custom Projects

When a coffin "needs" headers, flames and working turn signals.

Recently, a friend asked if I could help with a custom casket he had been asked to build. One of his good customers and friends had just lost his father, a man who touched the lives of many on a deep level.  A man who loved his family music, and hot rods. 

The original request was to transform his last transport vessel using traditional flat black paint with flames. Ultimately that plan was modified to customize the casket with similar paint and details to the owners street rod, along with adding the hood emblem and taillights from the car. Over the course of the next 5 days, a number of talented artists and technicians donated their time, materials and care for the family.

I was asked if I could make a set of headers for the project. Originally I thought of donating old Indy car headers I had in the shop. After taking a closer look I decided they would not fit not only physically but also in style. After listening to details of how Mike built his cars I decided to make a set of flat head style lake headers for the coffin. I gathered up some megaphones and cold rolled strap on a Saturday morning then spent the weekend in the shop fitting primary pipes with my lathe and welding up the pipes you see here.   There are some projects that I feel need to be done for the sake of creation and giving. Seeing the smiles, photos taken and response of family and friends, made me thankful to be able to contribute on a very cool memorable project.  

If you would like to see additional pictures of this custom casket check out the BKINTM album under previous work.