We Build Barstool Racers.


In 2002 Big Chicken Barstools was formed by the Walsh Brothers and I with the intention to build functional utility vehicles for the racetrack, and really fun toys. Over a couple of years we expanded our product development by asking what else can we do?  The Barstools on this page are a few examples of the hundreds we built over a decade ago.  

At Big Chicken Hot Rods, we recently began building new and improved versions of our previous Barstool racers and products.  Our new racing barstools feature design improvements based on what we have learned from a over a decade use as a toy and utility vehicle., and a fresh set of eyes.

We build a variety of Barstool racers, our standard units leave the shop running about 25mph and will run between 35-40 with modifications to the governor.  We have built tandem barstools, utility barstool trucks, race stools with 90 mph gearing, and an off road barstool for a southern Arizona ranch.  


The pictures above are some examples of our standard model barstool racer.  The chassis is Tig welded DOM tubing and features laser cut and CNC machined brackets and tabs.  We build our own barstools in house capable of handling heavy use without bending or leaning. Wheelie bars come as standard equipment, and we designed a cup holder into our upper steering brace so you dont have to ask your freind to hold your drink while you ride.  Our standard drivetrain consists of a 9.5tq Briggs and Stratton engine, Torque a verter clutch, and 1.25 chromoly rear axle and race cart hubs, wheels and bearings.  I am so confident in the craftsmenship and design of our barstools that we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Barstool Racer Parts and Accessories

Almost as soon as we built our first barstools we started to modify them.  We make a variety of exhaust pipes,  air filters, polished and billet parts. Our barstools are capable of towing a 3500-4000 pound car on flat ground, our tow plates create an ideal pull point or allow for trailer use. We have package upgrades available, Electric start units, headlights,  tail lights, horns, GPS nav, speedometers  and can customize any of our barstools to your specifications.  

Barstools on Ice, Stunt riding, burnouts and wheelies.

Our original intent was to use our barstool racers as a pit vehicle to tow cars around the paddock, and fetch tires and parts.  While they work well for their originally intended purpose we soon began practicing one wheel wheelies, trying out the burnout box at Sturgis, ice racing and finding other ways to play with our toys. 

Barstool Trucks, the BOK-350.  

Built with an extra 20" in wheelbase, and available with an optional 4"wider track our barstool trucks provide a more stable platform for a barstool utility vehicle.  We have built our trucks with flat beds, utility beds and with a aluminum box.  Our optional 14.50tq engine and 44 series clutch look at home on our larger barstool racers. Our trucks are capable of hauling most anything you might want to throw on it or behind it. 

The Twin Chicken and the Barstool HD

Need and extra seat or some extra clearance?  Our HD and twin chicken are constructed with a raised front axle and the rear axle slung underneath the main rails.  We add a little wheelbase and width to both of these units for increased stability while retaining a smaller bar stool friendly footprint. I gave rides to dozens of friends at one of races, unless your passenger and you are on a synchronized swimming team or have both raced competitively in side hack motorcycles, your autocross times will likely suffer from the push me pull yous of unsynchronized humans.

How fast do you want to go on your barstool?

We have built some very fast  racing barstools using the 18hp World Formula Briggs Racing engine.  With a top speed of 90mph, it is not recommended for your average rider.  I personally have been north of 80mph on a barstool once, full attention is required. Honda, Predator, Animal and other motor options available on request.

Details Matter-

We use sprint kart parts capable of 100mph, quality bearings, quality clutches, made in the USA engines, replaceable bronze bushings reamed to size on our steering, fully tig welded  DOM steel chassis, Pocketed billet mounts, splined street rod steering connection, suspension geometry with caster, camber and Ackerman all designed in and tuned, built in cup holder, optional key switch where you can reach it,  ergonomically designed foot rest, Barstools made for racing barstools, adjustable height wheelie bar, tow plate attachements, wing trunks, electric start  engine options, and a compact footprint doesn"t take up much room in your trailer. We believe nobody builds a better barstool racer!

Barstool Racer Pricing

Barstool Racer- We start with our guaranteed for life Big Chicken Chassis, Add a made in the USA Briggs engine, and mate it to a Torq-a-verter clutch. Power is delivered to an 1.25 chromoly axle, turning aluminum sprint cart hubs.  Rubber meets the road through polished douglas wheels, and grooved Burris racing 11 x 5.5-5 front and 11 x 7.0-5 rear rubber.  Stopping is handled with an Airheart brake caliper, and our own specially sized laser cut wave rotor.  Each barstool is hand assembled, tuned and tested by craftsmen and barstool racers. 3500

Barstool Truck-We add 20'' to the wheelbase for our truck chassis, and still give it a lifetime guarantee. Our trucks come standard with a made in the USA briggs engine mated to a torq-a-verter clutch. We use a wider 1.25 chromoly rear axle on our trucks to accomidate dual rear wheels. Our trucks use the same billet race cart hubs, and split sprocket carriers as our race stools, same polished douglas wheels and six 11 x 5.5-5 tires all the way around. Stopping is handled with our wave rotor, and Airheart caliper.  Each unit assembled, tuned, and tested by hand with care. 4300

Barstool HD-Designed for environments needing a bit more ground clearance and stability, we widen the track on the HD by 4" and lengthen the wheelbase 4" too.  Same USA birggs engine, and torq-a-verter clutch come standard. However the chromoly axle gets slung under the chassis, and the drop axle get flipped to create more clearance. We use polished douglas wheels, and 11 x 7.0-5 tires on all four corners for the HD. 3900

Tandem barstool racer-Need a barstool racer built for two?  We use our 4"wider front axle spacing, and stretch our chassis to fit another stool.  We add a cuphold for the passenger and use the rear steering supports to tie the chassis together into a rigid predictable to ride barstool for two. Our tandem barstool comes standard with a made in the USA briggs engine and torq-a-verter clutch.  We use a chromoly 1.25 axle, billet sprint cart hubs, polished aluminum douglas wheels and four 11 x 7.0-5 grooved Burris tires. Stopping is handled with an Airheart caliper, and laser cut wave rotor. 4800    

Barstool Roller

Barstool Chassis kit

Engine Options

Electric start briggs- comes with

Briggs Animal

Briggs world formula- electric start

14.50 ES Briggs- Truck only

Honda GS200

FInishing options

Custom color mutli stage powdercoat-

Color Match and custom paint



Braking options

Front Brakes-in process

Hydraulic rear brakes

Upholstery options

leather seat


custom embroidery

Storage and hauling

wing trunk

Tow Plate

Barback trailer

Aluminum Handlebars



Billet upgrades

steering rods

cable holders

key swiich

Exhaust pipes, Air Filters, and tuning If you dont see it we can make it

RLV muffler

quiet muffler for the campground