We Build Barstool Racers.


The idea of a powered barstool is by no means new. Back in 1985 John Norton answered the question that no one had asked. He built the first barstool with an electric starter motor, so he could ride across his shop to retrieve another beer from the fridge. Mike Ferguson was just a kid hangin’ out and watchin’ guys make these stools and race them. The ideas he had for improving them and the fun factor stuck in his head.  Mike finally decided to quit talking about and start building the “best powered barstools in the world”.

In 2002 Big Chicken Barstools was formed with the intention to build functional utility vehicles for the racetrack, and really fun toys. Over the next couple of years they expanded the product line by asking his customers “what else can we do”?  The customers responded and the barstools on this page are examples of the hundreds they have built.  

At Big Chicken Hot Rods, Mike decided to step up the game and in 2016 began building new and improved versions of the already successful, powered barstool products.  The new barstool designs feature improvements based on what they have learned from fifteen plus years of producing barstools and utility vehicles.

Big Chicken builds a variety of powered barstools. They leave the shop running about 25mph and as your skill level increases you can “turn the wick up” to 40 with adjustments to the governor.  At Big Chicken, they have built it all.  Tandem barstools, utility barstool trucks, full race barstools with 90 mph gearing, and even an off road barstool for a southern Arizona ranch. 

The option list is everything from mild to wild. For example, electric start, front disc brakes, leather seat, custom wheels, custom two stage powder coating, color matched to your auto paint, bumpers, aero package, just to name a few. Stay tuned, it’s gonna get bigger and better.
Give us a call and let us help you design your custom, one of a kind, show stopping, garage enhancing, talk of the race pits and the neighborhood, barstool or truck.

The pictures here are examples of the standard model barstool, where quality of construction and top shelf components are first and foremost. The chassis is Tig welded DOM tubing and features laser cut and CNC machined brackets and tabs.  Each barstool chassis is constructed in house and is designed to handle heavy use and abuse without bending or leaning. Wheelie bars come as standard equipment, along with a custom designed cup holder in the upper steering brace so you don’t have to ask your friend to “hold your drink” while you ride.  The standard drivetrain consists of a Briggs 6.5hp vanguard engine with a 3 year factory warranty, Torque-A- Verter clutch system hooked up to a 1.25 chromoly rear axle and race cart hubs and polished aluminum wheels.  Mike is so confident in the craftsmanship and design of his barstools that Big Chicken offers a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Barstool Racer Pricing

Model BC- Our base model barstool starts at 3885

Model GA- Includes: Electrics start package, 900 series Intek Briggs engine, color matched wing trunk, battery, remote key switch, USB port and wiring loom. Upgraded exhaust, velocity stack and air filter, aluminum bars, custom colors.  Deluxe polished billet package. 5995

Barstool Trucks

Barstool Truck-We add 20'' to the wheelbase for our truck chassis, and still give it a lifetime guarantee. Our trucks come standard with a electric start 14.5 tq made in the USA Briggs engine mated to a 44 series torq-a-verter clutch and jack shaft. We use a wider 1.25 chromoly rear axle on our trucks to widen the track and allow for our optional dual rear wheels. Our trucks also use billet race cart hubs, and split sprocket carriers, polished Douglas wheels and and grooved Burris racing 11 x 5.5-5 front and 11 x 7.0-5 rear rubber. Stopping is handled with an Airheart caliper and Big Chicken wave rotor.  Each unit assembled, tuned, and tested by hand with care. 7995

Barstool Truck GA -Includes aluminum bars, billet stem, polish kit and custom colors 8495

The Twin Chicken and the Barstool HD

Need and extra seat or some extra clearance?  Our HD and twin chicken are constructed with a raised front axle and the rear axle slung underneath the main rails.  We add a little wheelbase and width to both of these units for increased stability while retaining a smaller bar stool friendly footprint.

Twin chickens are available as special order items.  I have given rides to dozens of friends at races, unless your passenger and you are on a synchronized swimming team or have both raced competitively in side hack motorcycles, your autocross times may suffer on the track.

Barstool Racer Parts and Accessories

Electric Start package-Includes battery, key switch, wing trunk/battery holder and USB charging port     995

LED headlight/taillight kit                                                                                                                                    195

Polished aluminum handlebar                                                                                                                            150

Wing trunk/storage                                                                                                                                              195

Stainless  drink holder                                                                                                                                          20

Tow plate with tow hook                                                                                                                                       40

Custom double stitched leather seat                                                                                                                 150

Monogram or your design embroidered in seat                                                                                               100

Custom 2 stage powder coated frame                                                                                                              350

Custom matched auto paint in the color of your choice                                                                               500 up

Custom powder coated wheels black or to match frame                                                                              180 set

Polished custom 1.4 gallon gas tank                                                                                                                  395

Custom designed velocity stack with air cleaner                                                                                              120

Strait back or candy cane exhaust ceramic coated                                                                                           195

Barstools on Ice, a few tricks, and some manufacturing pics too..