A Different Time and Space

BCHR has been fortunate to work on some excellent cars in excellent shops. Here are just a few pictures of some cars and projects from the past.


Chassis and Suspensions

Suspension design gives Mike the opportunity to build a wide variety of street, track, off road and dirt cars. This aspect of BCHR is probably one of the most rewarding aspects because it allows Mike to explore the basics and fine details of suspension geometry and dynamics.


Exhaust and Turbo

We build naturally aspirated and turbo headers for race and street cars, along with full custom exhaust systems.

Fergie Senior's Sandrail

Here are a few photos of the replacement car Mike built for his dad after he flipped his previous car down the beach at 120mph. Mike spent the rest of the weekend in the cantina tending sore muscles, the buggy spent the next year in his garage doing the mechanical equivalent.


A Custom Nash Metropolitan Gallery- Photos are of suspension, drive-train, and sheet metal rework on a Ecotec powered Metro.

Machine Shop Services

Pictures of mill and lathe work. We do custom machine work at our shop, from machining billet engine and transmission mounts for a street rod, to repairing 80 year old commercial door parts.  

Megadeth Drum Riser

We created a 40% reduction in weight for reduced freight cost on world tours. Additionally we reduced setup time from 5-6 hours with 7-8 laborers, down to 20-30 minutes with 3 hands. Build completed in just over 2 weeks’ time working around the clock.

Mid-Engine Subaru Powered Elva J15 Kit Car

This was originally designed for a transversely mounted drive-train. We fit and installed a J20 Subaru and needed systems to make it all function.


Custom Harley based bikes and a few flat track racers.

Myopractic Tables

Specialty tables with lots of hinges, levers, and adjustments.

Panel Making

Body Repair-Neato Metal Forming- Our lead sheet metal fabricator has won first in class at pebble beach. We pay attention to details.

Pit Equipment

Making life at the racetrack easier.

Roll Cages

Built for NHRA, NASA, SCCA, SCTA, Street, and Off-road vehicles. We build cages that follow body lines, fit well, and hold up to the challenge of keeping you safe when things go wrong.

Swim Platform and Boat Creations

We have built about 1000 swim decks for many of the major pontoon boat manufacturers and some other boat projects too.

Tanks, Containers, and Vessels

We have built gas tanks, water tanks, oil tanks, from simple to extremely complex.

Trailers and Hauling Creations

We have built trailers for contractors as well as nitrogen filled boat trailers.  

V8 Trike

A prototype V8 motorcycle with 435hp, 700r4, weighing in at 1380 lbs before bodywork. It became a production vehicle.

Work Details

The following are a few detailed pictures of some of our work.

Art and Architecture

Mike Ferguson, has been studying Architecture and Industrial Design for over 20 years ago. He has also spent a year rebuilding the tooling at an art foundry. He has also studied building houses out of tires, bottles and cans at Earthship Biotecture in 2013.

Custom Gates and Railings

From modular designs to very custom and functional, we have built a few gates for friends, schools and customers.

Barstool Racers

To date, Mike has built 242 gas powered barstools, and 3 with electric power. What started  as building a toy to race with friends eventually evolved into manufacturing barstool trucks and two seat motorized barstools.

Customer Cars

Here are some pictures of Hot Rods, Dune Buggies and toys we have worked on.